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It’s always exciting to decide what the perfect hardwood floor option is for your Dallas home. However, have you thought about how to make this hardwood floor installation connect with your home? Have you thought about interior design elements to make your space truly your own?


Floor plans these days are open and allow for ease of movement between rooms. Keep this mind when you decide where to install your floor. Would you love for your kitchen to slowly transition into your living room? A constant floor design through the two may create the cohesion you want.


If you are worried about the hard feeling of the wood beneath your feet, you may be worried about giving up your carpet. Don’t be! You can now experiment with rugs to pull a room together and add the comfort you may miss from your carpet.


Wood floor can complement any interior and transform the space into something you can be proud of. Wood is traditionally present in rustic, older homes, but don’t be shy if that isn’t your style. A sleek, uniform hardwood floor presents the perfect canvas for a more modern home.


Don’t worry about trying to match the wood of your furniture to the wood of the floor. Wood tones do not need to match, and the variety of grain patterns can accent a featured piece in your space.


Hardwood can have a harsh look to it, but not if you know how to balance with something soft. Consider plush throw blankets on the back of your couch, or perhaps a particularly wooly rug to make the space look more inviting. Flowy curtains and hanging light fixtures can also help to soften the feel of a room.


Regardless of whether you choose dark or light wood flooring, you will want as much natural light as possible in your home. With dark floors, this light can brighten the space and make it seem larger. However, with lighter floors, this sunlight can wrap the soft mood of the room together to create a cozy getaway.


If your style is outspoken, bold, and original, don’t shy away from color! Wood floors, no matter the undertone, are wonderful with colorful furniture accent pieces. Make your floor a secondary detail and let your furniture do all the talking with a bold table and contrasting colored chairs.

When you’re ready for a new hardwood floor installation for your Dallas home, don’t forget to call the professionals at Texas Hardwood Flooring!

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