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Musings on Replacing Vs. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Your hardwood floors used to be beautiful but over time they’ve become scuffed, dinged, and dinghy.  It’s time to make the decision about whether to replace those worn hardwood floors or to refinish them.  In many cases, a hardwood floor can be saved but consider these thoughts before making a decision either way.  


The beauty of hardwood floors is once you invest in them they will last.  A good hardwood can be sanded and stained around 6 different times before they need to be replaced.  In many cases, years will pass between refinishes as well.  You can tell if your floors have been refinished too many times as you will begin to see the grooves of the planks and nails coming through.  Refinishing is an excellent option for wood floors that have less than 30% of planks that have minimal to moderate damage or if you’re simply looking to change the style of the room.


There are cases where refinishing ends up costing more time and money than simply replacing the floor.  Specifically in cases where there is large amounts of movement in floorboards and where there is concern with the subfloor.  When the boards move in the floor, it’s hard to get a clean sand and seal on the floor which is key when refinishing.


Lastly, if you can refinish the floors in an older house, you probably should.  There is something about beautiful and old hardwood floors that provide booth beauty and a sentimental value to the home that cannot be replaced.  Sure you can always find hardwoods to match but saying that you have 100 year old hardwood floors, when you can, is pretty unique.  

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