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Hardwood flooring is one of the most top-requested features among people who are shopping for a new home. Although it used to come standard in many homes, the high cost and environmental impact of hardwood floors has given rise to the use of laminate flooring installation, especially in newer homes intended for growing families. Whether you’re building a new home or thinking about updating the floors in an older home, it’s important to know how hardwood and laminate floors stack up against each other.

Visual Appeal

Aesthetics are the main reason hardwood floors are such a sought-after feature in homes of any age. Hardwood looks beautifully natural and has a warmth that few other types of flooring can duplicate. However, laminate flooring can deliver very similar visual appeal for a lower price. For those with growing families, it’s also important to point out that laminate won’t easily scratch or pit the way some hardwoods can.


Those looking for home improvement materials that are kind to the environment might be interested to learn that there’s a big difference between hardwood and laminate. Even when sustainably harvested, solid hardwood floors require the cutting down of trees whereas laminate floors are made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures, then covered with a layer of hardwood.


One area where traditional hardwood flooring has a big advantage over laminate is repairability. When hardwood floors become scratched or stained over time, then can be repaired with a little sanding and refinishing. It’s for this reason that centuries-old homes can still have their original floors. Laminate, while more durable in the short term, can’t be repaired this way. So when wear becomes obvious, they have to be replaced.

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