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Living in Dallas, we are experts about many different things: The Dallas Cowboys, barbecue, cowboy hats, and humidity. Living in Texas, we know that heat is just a part of lives, like breathing. However, we need to remember that humidity has a lot of factors in our daily lives, one of them being picking out a floor for your home. Most of us want a home with a beautiful hardwood floor, and this is absolutely attainable, with a professional. Texas Hardwood Flooring in Dallas is the expert on floors, and they are who you need.
If you have decided to get a new hardwood floor or replace the one you have had for some time, there are plenty of factors, but a major one is humidity in your home.

Hardwood Flooring in Dallas

Solid or Engineered floor should be kept at 35-55 percent humidity at all times.

But why?

Too High

If the humidity goes above the threshold of over 50 percent there is a high likelihood that moisture will seep into your stylish hardwood floors. If the moisture is too heavy in the air, this can cause your floors to swell. This swelling creates a pressure between each board, and this causes the hardwood flooring to become warped and cupped. Cupped is when the sides of the floor are higher than the center, and this is not a good look.
Too Low
If you go below the 30 percent mark for humidity it’s still damaging to your flooring in Dallas. If there is not enough humidity in the air then the hardwood floor can dry out. This can weaken the wood and cause it splinter, and it can also split against the grain, which is devastating for your floor.
So, the moral of the story is your floor can either expand when it’s too hot, or shrink when it’s too cold.

Your Flooring in Dallas

To go more in-depth about hardwood floors, in general, it is a hygroscopic material, which means that it can absorb and release moisture through the air in your home. Every time there is a shift in the climate in your home, it directly affects your floors. In Dallas, we tend to worry about the abundance of humidity versus the lack of. So, it is extremely important to monitor the humidity in your home, and call in Texas Hardwood Flooring, your professionals in Dallas.
There are things you can do to combat these natural occurrences that can happen to your flooring.

Have your HVAC Unit Checked Yearly

Make sure you are getting routine checks of your heating and cooling systems. It makes sense when you are investing in a hardwood floor that you invest in a cooling and heating system that would protect it. When you call in professionals, they will be able to tell immediately if the humidity in your home is overabundant or not enough. And, if they do discover such a thing, they can rectify the situation by fixing or even replacing your HVAC system.

Control the Temperature

Even though turning off the air while you’re away at Aunt Claire’s seems like a good plan, it’s terrible if you have hardwood floors. You have to make sure the temperature, and more so the humidity, is always in your control. Keep it at a constant level. Keeping a balance in your home is going to do you and your floor a world of good.

Hire The Professionals

If you really are considering this extensive project of installing a hardwood floor, don’t do it yourself. Living in Texas, we understand all aspects of your new flooring in Dallas. We are the experts when it comes to style, textures, ability and humidity. We can help you decide what type of floor would be ideal for your home.
Talk to our professionals at Texas Hardwood Flooring in Dallas. We can help you in every facet of your flooring needs. Flooring in Dallas doesn’t have to be a complicated mess. Call us and we can get started right away!

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