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When picking a hardwood floor, there a lot of aspects that are involved. We have discussed: color, what type of subfloor you have, what type of wood you want, and how it’s going to function in your home. One thing we haven’t touched on yet is the width of your wood planks. This may not seem like a big deal, but this can affect the whole design concept of your new hardwood floor. Not only the width of the planks but the dimensions of the floor as a whole.
At Texas Hardwood Flooring, we want your new hardwood flooring in your Dallas home to fit perfectly and look amazing; knowing the width of your hardwood planks will ensure that process.

The Past

Back in the day, when people were looking for hardwood flooring, they were on the hunt for strip flooring options. This meant that all the planks were about 2 1/4-3 inches wide. They also were of the prefinished or unfinished variety. There weren’t many options for color, style, and especially plank width. Well, that’s all changing. Now, people are becoming more in tuned with their designs, and know how the difference between a 3 inch and a 6 inch plank is going to make a dramatic change in their Dallas home.

The Present

Wide planks are desired because they can add more value to the home overall, and the wide plank look adds an appealing and unique look to the home. If you are wanting to go for this wide plank look, the board, by industry standards, have to be at least 5 inches wide or more. When it comes to the style of your Dallas home, the wide look for your hardwood flooring can go with any style from modern, rustic, or contemporary.

Random or All The Same

Once you have decided you want to be a trendsetter in your neighborhood and go with a wider plank for your flooring, there is one big decision left to make: do you want random widths or all one length? You may not think this is a huge milestone, but it is a large decision that will build upon the rest of your Dallas home. Random widths may seem like an unpleasing look, but they do go with any decor style. However, some people love the idea of the single width boards because it will keep the look more streamlined. This decision is all preference and solely yours to make. If you are struggling with making a decision, call Texas Hardwood Flooring.
One width planks we see are used more often for elegant and more upscale rooms and spaces. Places like dining rooms, foyers, and sitting rooms are places you may consider the one width plank look.
If you decide to go with the random widths, there is a second decision that must be made. What widths do you want your Dallas flooring?

4-6 random width

This floor will incorporate hardwood flooring starting at the 4 inch mark and go up to 6 inches. Your hardwood floor experts will make sure they place the hardwood in a way that is pleasing to the eye, usually people will go every other plank as a different size so that the look doesn’t look totally out of place.

Other random widths:

  • 6-10 inch
  • 10 inch or wider random

When you choose the wider widths of hardwood flooring, it will make the seams on the floor in your Dallas home, less visible, which some people really enjoy.
Whatever width you decide to go with for your flooring in your Dallas home, Texas hardwood Flooring will always help your vision come to reality when it comes to your hardwood flooring. Call us in Dallas to get started today!

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