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Oak hardwood floors are some of the most popular choices within the Dallas area. It’s an affordable, durable, and beautiful option for the hardwood flooring in your home. However, there are two options for oak floors that some people may not be aware of; red oak and white oak may sound very similar, but they actually do have surprisingly different characteristics.
Texas Hardwood Flooring in Dallas, can help you decide which oak flooring for your Dallas home is going to be right for you. Oak flooring is one of the more desired varieties of hardwood flooring and falls under the affordable category for your home. This wood is easy to attain because it’s also grown in the U.S. and is easy to stain if you don’t love its natural color.

Here are some differences between red oak and white oak flooring:


Red oak is always going to have a more pinkish-red tint and is brighter than white oak. White oak will have a more yellow tint with brown pigment throughout, and will be darker in nature. Because these woods are truly different colors, their staining will be different as well. Hardwood floor will absorb stain, but with red oak, the wood will still keep that red undertone.


Red oak, over white oak, tends to have a stronger and more pronounced grain pattern. White oak will tend to have a more polished and smooth look. People sometimes prefer red oak in their Dallas home because it can camouflage wear a bit better than white oak can. If you are looking for a more simple look, white oak is a great option. White oak is great for contemporary or modern styles because of the mineral streaks that are showcased through the hardwood flooring.


Believe it or not, white oak is actually slightly harder than red oak. However, because red oak shows less dents and marks within your Dallas home, you don’t need to base your decision between the two on hardness.

What’s already there

Depending on whether you already owned your home, or you purchased a new one, you may already have some wood trimming throughout. This trimming is usually found on banisters, stair treads, and saddles. Most of the time it is usually red oak; sometimes it is best to go with what’s already in your Dallas home. If you want to change these accents, you certainly can, but be sure to match it to the wood you choose for your hardwood flooring.


Luckily, the difference between the price of red oak and white oak is very slight. Price is always fluctuating but it usually stays within a pretty close range. The price will depend on the grade of hardwood you are looking for, and the plank width you are after. However, when you are going up in plank width, white oak tends to be a little more expensive because red oaks tend to grow at a wider width and are taller in nature.

Red oak and white oak are both wonderful options for your Dallas home. With the variety of staining and plank width options, you can truly customize your Dallas home’s flooring concept. Always call your professionals at Texas Hardwood Flooring. We have been in the flooring business for many years and we can not only help install your flooring, we can also help you decide which floor is going to best in your home. Choosing a hardwood floor takes time and patience and we want to make sure your flooring is something you will always be happy with, in your home. Contact us today for all your flooring needs for your beautiful Dallas home.

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