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When you have hardwood floors in your Dallas home, you should consider them an investment. Your hardwood floors took time to be installed and added value to your home. With an investment, you want to care for it. At Texas Hardwood Flooring, we want to give you some regular maintenance tips to keep your floor always looking new and beautiful. There are certain ways to clean hardwood floors, and one must know the difference.

Here are some great tips to keep your Dallas floor gorgeous


Many people wouldn’t think to vacuum a hardwood floor, but trust us, this is what you want to do keep your floor clean. Vacuuming will clean dirt and gunk up off the floor, prevent it from creeping in between the floorboards, and it will keep your floors looking new. If you aren’t able to vacuum every day, you want to be dust mopping. Depending on where your hardwood floor is located and whether you have animals, you may have to vacuum more than once a day. Avoid mopping because the excess water can damage the finish, and you definitely don’t want that.

Tread Lightly

If you have children who play sports, don’t let them walk across the floor with their spiked cleats on. The sharp edges on the cleat itself can damage the floor by scratching it. Other things that may damage the floor are high heels. Best practice is to have no shoes on in the home or to make sure the shoes you do wear indoors have a flat bottom and are floor friendly. Not only should you tread lightly in the home, but so should your furniture. Make sure your couches, chairs, and any other furniture has furniture pads underneath. This will help protect the floor if you ever need to move it into another area. Go one step further and have welcome mats and other rugs in parts of the home where the outside elements can get dragged in.

Damp Cloth

When you want to do some sort of mopping to your floor, just don’t. If you are wanting to wet your floor, use a mostly dry mop with very little liquid. You never want to soak a mop and then start spreading it across the floor, as this can cause damage to the finishing. Always remember to clean up liquid spills immediately. Pointing this out repeatedly makes it mean something important. It’s imperative no standing water stays on your floor too long.
Taking care of your hardwood floors is a big responsibility. You want to make sure your floors are always giving off the look and presence they were intended. At Texas Hardwood Flooring, we want to ensure you always have the best floors in the Dallas area. If you ever have questions or concerns about your flooring, please call us! Our staff is full of professional and knowledgeable individuals who know all there is to know about flooring. Find out more about our amazing flooring and installation in Dallas!

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