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Sometimes, no matter how well we take care of something, repairs may need to happen. Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they do require a bit more maintenance. Which in turn can mean they need repairs in the future.


At Texas Hardwood Flooring in Dallas, we want to make sure you are aware of the major issues you can experience with your hardwood flooring. We feel this is imperative, so you can be prepared in case your flooring in Dallas ever does need to be repaired. If you ever do come across any of these issues, please call us for all your flooring repair needs!

Common Mishaps with Hardwood Flooring

Splits or Cracks

Over time, like most things, wear happens. You may notice your floor has developed small splits or even cracks on the surface. This is an easy fix that our professionals can handle no problem. They will repair the part of the floor that is splitting. However, if you start to experience large cracks, it may be time to consider refinishing the floor. These cracks you may see develop many years after you have installed your floor. It is best practice to refinish it every so often. The other option, if the crack is substantial but not devastating, is to replace that particular plank.


Because of the nature of hardwood floors, mother nature takes a real toll on this type of flooring. Hardwood flooring needs to adapt to its environment so it doesn’t gap or buckle after being installed. With the humidity in Texas, we are well aware that our floor will shrink and expand every so often. Over time, this constant change increases the risk of gapping within your hardwood flooring. If your flooring’s gap is consistently less than a dime in width, your flooring does not need repair. If it becomes thicker than this, you should definitely give us a call.


Bucking is a serious condition and we want to treat it right away. Buckling is caused by the board lifting up from the subfloor it’s placed over. If you notice this happening to your floor, you want to call our experts right away. We will have to find the source of the buckling. Usually, it has something to do with humidity in and out of your home. Once we find the main cause, we can assess how much of the floor needs repair. We also will find a way to keep the hardwood more secure against the subfloor.


This type of issue develops over time and it is over the entire width of the floor. The planks will start to rise and then sink in the center. This is also a common humidity problem within the Dallas area. Cupping is caused by moisture not being balanced under the floor. The way this is combatted is by ensuring the humidity in your home is balanced. Once it’s back to normal you must give it time to reset. Once it’s reset we can come in and refinish the floor, so it looks good as new.


A common theme with moisture issues, warped boards are serious and need to be repaired by a professional immediately. Warped boards are when boards begin to sag. If you notice even a small spot of your flooring, give us a call. We will need to assess how to repair, and how to maintain the issue. You will have to keep the humidity of your home at a constant level, this is the only way to fix warping, and most of these other issues for good!
Hopefully, you never come across these problems, but if you do, call us in Dallas. Texas Hardwood Flooring is your solution to repairs for your hardwood. We are professional, efficient, and can help you get your floor back to its original state. Don’t let your home and floor suffer.

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