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Now that 2017 is underway, it is time to go over all the trends you will be seeing in hardwood flooring this season. Middle of the road is out and extreme is in. If you were planning on revamping your Dallas home this year, this is the blog that will help you decide what floors are meant for your home.

At Texas Hardwood Flooring, our passion is flooring. We are there to help with decision making and installation. Our staff is up to date on new flooring types and techniques and the functionality your floor may need. Sit back with a coffee or other beverage and read on about all the amazing flooring trends for 2017.

Bold Color

2017 is the year of unpredictability. In years past, neutral flooring was your best bet for your Dallas home; however, in 2017, it’s time to make a statement. Many want their homes to stand out of the crowd and not blend in with the rest. The way this is being achieved is by choosing hardwood flooring that is deeper and brighter in color. Dark stains are going to be popular as they bring drama and a rustic feel to most homes. These floors tend to go best with white and cream colored walls to truly stand out and bring presence to any room. With a dark floor, be aware that it will tend to make spaces look smaller. Dark flooring such as this is great for large open spaces or open floor plans.

On the other end of the color spectrum, you will be seeing a lot of blonde flooring. Light hardwood floors will assist your home in appearing larger than it may be, and it looks great up against some bright, bold wall color or a splash of white. This wood tends to be lower maintenance since it’s not going to show dirt and dust as much as a dark hardwood floor. Either way you go, the main takeaway here is that the in-between is out and the extreme is in.


Gray floors are the only exception to the bold color rule. Gray floors have been gaining steam over the last few years and the trend is still going strong. These floors add calm and tranquility to a space. Gray floors tend to look good with most wall color choices, so it leaves a lot of versatility for the design of your home in Dallas.

These are the major color trends that you will be seeing with hardwood flooring. Not only color trends but texture as well. Hand scraped and wire brushed are what we will be seeing a lot of this upcoming year, as well as different finishing techniques.

At Texas Hardwood Flooring in Dallas, we want your home to reflect your style and needs. We can help find a floor that is functional for any home and family type. Check back for our next blog where we continue learning about trends within hardwood flooring and focusing on the textures you will be seeing this coming year!

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