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Hardwood flooring is a staple in many homes within the Dallas area. They give a home a classic look with rustic or modern elements. Hardwood floors are desired by many because of their durability and appearance. However, like most things within the interior design world, things change. Hardwood flooring is still a great option for the home, but the look has been altered. Many used to love the luster and smoothness it gave to the home, but now the rugged, distressed, and unpolished look is taking the design world by storm.

Texas Hardwood Flooring loves what hardwood brings to the home. We are passionate about what we do and we can help make your Dallas home everything you want it to be and more. A new flooring type that is becoming more popular is hand scraped flooring. This technique gives a floor a worn in and rustic feel that many homeowners are after.

We wanted to let you know more about hand scraped flooring and why it might be right for your home in Dallas.

What is Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring?

This flooring is what you would see in most homes many centuries ago. During the industrial revolution, this was a common hardwood floor to have in the home. The floor requires a master craftsman to work on each board individually to give it its unique quality. The floor contains uneven areas, knots, and markings throughout. Now, this flooring is making a comeback because it can give your home a timeless feel. With anything in life it does have pro’s and cons.


Antique Look
Adding a hand scraped hardwood floor to your home will give the vintage feel you have always dreamed about. This is a great option if you want an original looking hardwood floor in your Dallas home. This flooring technique is so unique and timeless that it will make any room shine. The worn and aged look is desired, don’t miss out!
Because each plank is going to have its own unique marking and it’s worn appearance it is great for families and people who are hard on their homes. You won’t have to worry about the kids, dogs, or cats running around because it already appears to be lived in. When you damage your hardwood floor from scratches and dents, it tends to add into the texture helping you with repair costs. When you have a pristine, smooth, and glossy hardwood floor you must be careful because even the slightest of scratches will be visible, and possibly drive you mad. Avoid the headache by installing a beautiful, practical, and durable hand scraped hardwood floor.


Because this flooring is handcrafted and each plank is worked on individually it tends to be more costly. One of the reasons is because of all the labor that is involved in crafting this hardwood flooring. People who handcraft wood with the hand scraping technique have to go through years of training to master this fine art. There is an option to get manufactured hand scraped wood, but most don’t like this option because they are aware it is not handcrafted, which makes it not as special or unique. If you are being budget conscious when it comes to your hardwood flooring, you may want to heavily weigh this factor.


This type of flooring is more difficult to install, so it is important to take this into consideration. Texas Hardwood Flooring can install this type of flooring in your Dallas home no problem. You want to make sure if you are investing in hand scraped hardwood floor that you have the best team in Dallas to install it for you.

Our flooring team is always looking to help you with all your hardwood floor needs. Repair or replace, we are here to discuss and find the best options for your home. We have been studying and working on hardwood floors for many years and know the ins and outs on how to successfully install and preserve your hardwood flooring. If hardwood isn’t for you, we also have many laminates and engineered options as well. Consider us when you need assistance with flooring in Dallas! Learn more here about our hand scraped hardwood flooring and call us today!

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