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With advancements in technology, it’s no wonder they have crossed over into our home. When you think technology, you are most likely thinking computer-related items such as Alexa or Google Home. In terms of technology, we are referring to the way building materials have changed over the years. Years ago you use to only have a handful of options to choose for your Fort Worth home, now you have 100’s. While hardwood flooring is always a beneficial choice for your home, and we have been driving that point home in most of our blogs, in today’s post, we wanted to dive into the difference between engineered and hardwood flooring.

At Texas Hardwood Flooring, we always want you to have the most pristine, sturdy, and durable floors in Fort Worth. That is why our team of flooring experts is well-versed in how flooring materials differ, how they will look and function in your home, and if they will be the overall right choice for you.

One of the main inquiries we encounter here is if engineered hardwood is just as wonderful as traditional and solid hardwood. In this next blog series, we will be going over what engineered flooring is, how it stacks up to hardwood, and what are the pros and cons of each. If you have been considering hardwood versus engineered hardwood, this is the post for you.

Let’s start from the beginning..what is hardwood flooring?

Many times, you will hear hardwood flooring being refereed to as solid. The makeup of traditional hardwood is that it is solid hardwood all the way through. Hardwood flooring is usually about ¾ and 5/16 thick and comes in many different styles and wood types. Hardwood flooring can be used in virtually any room of your Fort Worth home, as long as it is above ground. This has been a method of flooring that has been around for many decades and isn’t going anyway anytime soon.

What is Engineered Hardwood?

Engineered hardwood flooring appears almost identical to hardwood flooring, which is what makes it so appealing. However, the composition of the materials used is something that should be considered. Instead of a solid piece of wood all the way through, engineered flooring is stacked in layers. The top layer is a hardwood veneer, underneath that, is layers of wood. The wood underneath the veneer is perpendicular and is laminated together. The more expensive the engineered floor, the thicker the wood veneer layer is and vice versa.

This is the basic concept of both flooring types, but they have very different pros and cons. If you are trying to decide on which wood species is going to be right for your home, you should contact our experts in the Fort Worth area. At Texas Hardwood Flooring, our team is here for all your flooring needs. From the initial consultation to installation and repair down the road. Consider your flooring investment and choose the company you trust. Give us a call or stop by today and check back for our next blog in this series about the advantages of hardwood and engineered.

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