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One of the defining features of any home is, of course, the flooring. Some people opt to have carpet, others choose tile, while there are those who believe that a living space should only ever have hardwood floors. If you this sounds like you, then you’re certainly not alone. Adding hardwood flooring, either authentic or engineered, can increase your home’s value tremendously.

Maybe you’ve already decided on adding hardwood flooring to your home but you’re having trouble landing on what color of finish to choose. How do you decide? There are distinct benefits to choosing a lighter color over dark because a light wood won’t show as much dirt and scratches, but some people simply love the elegance that a dark wood brings to a home. Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of choosing light and dark finishes for hardwood floors.

Light-Colored Hardwood Floors

There can be benefits to choosing a lighter color for your hardwood flooring. Lighter colored finishes don’t show as much dirt and when scratched or nicked, blemishes are also more difficult to detect than with darker flooring. However, lighter colors can look a little bit dated if you don’t choose a more modern hue.

Dark-Colored Hardwood Floors

As you read above, floors with darker finishes show dirt so much better because there is more contrast with the actual color of the dirt being tracked in. They also tend to show scratches so much more because the actual wood under the finish is light, so if the finish is scratched off, it exposes the lighter colors underneath. However, dark hardwood flooring is beautiful and if you don’t mind it’s fragility, you’ll still be really happy with this choice.

Having hardwood floors installed can instantly increase the value of your home, just make sure that you choose the color of stain that’s right for you; make sure that you consider what color will go best with your cabinets, appliance, furniture, and paint. But whatever you decide, make sure that you choose a professional to install your hardwood floors.

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