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3 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mistakes That Everyone’s Made At Least Once

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You’ve waited forever to have hardwood floors, and now that they’re finally installed, you may wonder how you lived without them. As you sit and enjoy the beautiful, warm glow and smooth feeling under your feet, you might start to worry about what’s going to happen the first time your dog runs across the floor with muddy feet, or when a friend spills a glass of wine. Of course, the way to avoid wood floor refinishing in the first 10 years of your floor’s life is to clean it up properly, but do you really know what that means? Here are some common mistakes that could damage your wood floor.

Wet Cleaning Too Often

A freshly mopped floor sparkles like no other, and it could be tempting to wet clean your floor as often as possible. However, water has the ability to penetrate the finish of your new floor, and slowly destroy the wood beneath. Restrict your wet cleaning to around once every two months, and rely on vacuuming and spot-cleaning to keep floors nice in between.

Vacuuming With The Wrong Attachment

As we mentioned above, vacuuming is a great way to keep floors clean between wet cleanings, but are you vacuuming with the wrong attachment? Rather than picking up the dirt, rotating brushes can actually grind dirt back into the floor, creating micro scratches. Always switched to a floor brush or felt attachment before using a vacuum on your wood floors.

Forgetting About Rugs

When you have beautiful wood floors, the last thing you want to do is cover them up with a rug, but it’s absolutely necessary to do so. Area rugs, especially near doorways, and high traffic areas like the living room and hallway, will help keep your floor free of dirt and scratches.

Did you make too many of these mistakes in the past? Texas Hardwood Flooring can help restore your home with professional wood floor refinishing services in Fort Worth and Dallas. Contact us today!

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