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Not all hardwood flooring is created equal. In fact, hand scraped wood flooring has become an extremely popular and highly sought after option. First, let’s talk about what it is. Hand scraped is in reference to the texture of the surface, and the boards are individually scraped, creating a texture that can be either refined or rustic.

But why has hand scraped wood flooring become so popular? There are a number of aspects that are attractive to buyers, and we’ll examine the top 3 reasons consumers are making the switch.

  1. A hardwood floor with a smooth finish is fine, but it can be, quite frankly, a little boring. Hand scraped flooring provides a crafted and old-world feel, and each plank has its own unique look to it. Since the finish is uneven, the flooring provides a different look depending on the light levels and angles, so the floor you’re admiring with your morning coffee will look profoundly different during the dinner hour.
  2. Hardwood flooring is wonderful, until you throw pets and children into the mix. Then, you’re treated to a host of scratches and dings. With hand scraped flooring, those same dings will actually either disappear into the contours, or actually enhance its unique beauty. While you might not necessarily encourage more wear and tear, you’ll certainly worry less about it.
  3. It’s a no-brainer that hardwood flooring is easier to clean than carpeting. The fact is, the rough finishing of hand scraped flooring effectively hides dust and dirt, meaning that you can sweep less often. Plus, the shallow grooves in the wood don’t trap debris, so cleaning becomes a piece of cake.

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