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When we install a hardwood floor, one of the most fulfilling moments we have is when a customer first sees the end result. They’ll smile and just light up, marveling over their new floor. However, there are some things that people do, accidentally, of course, that end up causing serious damage to their flooring over time.

Not long ago, we shared 5 ways people unintentionally damage their hardwood flooring, and we have 5 more for you.

  1. Many people choose a particular kind of flooring based on the coloring, and they naturally want to maintain that coloring for years. However, remember that wood is organic, and it reacts negatively to too much sunlight. Excessive heat will cause the wood to dry out and crack, as well as discoloration. Keep blinds closed while the sun shines in at that angle and you’ll protect your flooring.
  2. Not all wood is as hard as walnut. If you have a softer wood like birch, high-heeled shoes or the nails on your dog’s feet can cause gouges in the wood. For high traffic areas, consider throwing down a rug.
  3. Mopping too frequently and using too much water is a surefire way to create damage. You shouldn’t mop more than once a month. When you do, your mop should be damp as opposed to sopping wet.
  4. A great way to clean your hardwood is by vacuuming. However, the upholstery brush can cause microscopic scratches that get worse over time. Be sure to use your floor brush attachment instead.
  5. We don’t recommend steam cleaning your hardwood floors. However, if you absolutely have to, make sure it’s on the lowest possible setting and you’re continuously moving it across the floor.

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