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If you’re considering adding hardwood flooring to your bedroom, it’s a big decision. While carpet is certainly more popular, you shouldn’t rule hardwood flooring out. It’s chic, clean and lasts the lifetime of your home with ease. There’s a number of deciding factors that go into determining whether or not wood flooring is the best option for the most comfortable room in the house.

In our previous blog, we explored options surrounding the comfort level and aesthetic balance of hardwood flooring in the bedroom. This time, we’ll explore more of the pros and cons of hardwood flooring and how those apply to the different rooms you can install it in.

#3 Allergens

Carpet famously traps everything. From dog hair of the last owners of your home, to dirt, grime and anything else that gets tracked into your house, it’s probably all lurking in the carpet, festering. These particles irritate your nose, your skin and your allergies in general because humans aren’t meant to cohabitate with them. If you’re hoping to no longer irritate your skin and nose with these particles, the answer is harder, sleeker surfaces. Hardwood flooring is exceedingly easy to clean and should make keeping allergies build-up to a minimum easy.

#4 Pet Maintenance

While cats are hardly a concern, large dogs specifically have a practice of accidentally scratching up hardwood flooring with their nails. This can be navigated in most scenarios by simply keeping up on trimming their nails, or banning them from the rooms where you really don’t want the floor scratched up.

#5 Upkeep

Like we mentioned above, hardwood flooring is probably the easiest types of flooring to keep clean and fresh. In fact, the cleaner you keep your hardwood flooring the longer it will last. Eventually, you’ll likely have to invest in a refinishing service, but the extent of that service depends entirely on how well you’ve kept care of the flooring. A wood floor refinishing service can range anywhere from a quick new varnish, or it can consist of a brand new finish alongside extensive sanding and stripping. Carpet needs to be replaced around every ten years, while hardwood flooring can last the entire life of the home.

#6 Noise

Many folks try to avoid hardwood flooring in bedrooms and other more calming spaces because the transmit noise rather than swallowing it whole like carpet does. That can be controlled by proper installation and even installing other sound measures to keep that sharp click of the heels on your hardwood flooring to a minimum at the wee hours of the morning.

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