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Hardwood flooring is the high-water mark for premium flooring. Especially if you’re interested in an authentic Texas rustic look for your home. Unless you’re adding hardwood flooring to your kitchen, basement or bathroom, you’re generally within the parameters of not having to worry about it getting damaged by water. That doesn’t mean the decision is made though. Carpeting is generally more popular in bedrooms because of the sound dampening which results in deeper sleep and the coziness but that shouldn’t rule out hardwood flooring. We’ve laid out the best questions to ask yourself to help you determine if hardwood flooring is the best solution for your bedroom remodel project.

#1 What’s Your Bedroom Aesthetic?

Hardwood flooring has literally never gone out of style. From the incorporation in mid-century modern homes with their style emphasis on drawing closer to nature, to softening brutalist architecture, complementing the wide, softened floorboards of a country home, it’s an essential and timeless addition to any home. With the right coloring, it can easily fit in with essentially any aesthetic, but you have to decide if that coloring will fit in with the rest of your home. The key to good interior design is unity and a cohesive vision. Don’t pair a muted-blue accent wall in the kitchen with metallic patterns in your rustic themed living room, it just won’t flow well. That law extends to your flooring. If you’re looking for a modern bedroom, you can choose from the extreme dark and light spectrums of wood, but that will clash if you have mostly warm tones out in the hallway. As a general rule, match the undertone colors (like grey, whites, blues or reds) with the undertones of the wood you already have in other rooms or are intending to install. This will create subtle unity that won’t make the home feel disjointed.

#2 Consider Your Comfort

Your bedroom is supposed to be the place that you’re most comfortable in. It’s plush, full of long drapes, inviting folds of material and cushy pillows. It is not a room often associated with hard surfaces and clean cut lines, but it can be. We think the clean, chic lines of a well-designed hardwood floor can be softened with rugs for your tootsies and by the plush bed fittings you have already. A neutral on your floor that’s much easier to match like the grain and color of your wood can bring the entire aesthetic of a room together while providing a more upscale look.

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