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To say that Roberta has cats is understating the obvious. Roberta has cats the way Carter has little liver pills, as my mom used to say. She lives in a sizable old house near downtown Forney, Texas, built in the 1920’s. Since she also possesses a heart of gold “as big as all get-out,” she cannot turn down a stray feline, nor the offer to foster one from a friend. So these critters are coming and going all the time (mostly coming).

Cat-Friendly Hardwood Flooring Installation

As you can perhaps imagine, kitties can be hard on flooring. With claws on their paws and occasional “accidents,” the antique pine floor in Roberta’s home had taken a beating. (Pine was a very popular flooring product in the days when this house was built, but it is a notoriously soft wood.) She wanted something new, so she got on her computer and shopped on-line.

There she found two things:

First, some Armstrong hardwood flooring that she liked – the company said it was good for cat owners – it was an engineered 5” hardwood flooring product called “Performance Plus” that has a durable protective coating (most likely an aluminum oxide) and micro-beveled edges, which they believe helps reduce scratches from pets.

Secondly, Roberta found us, Texas Hardwood Flooring! One of our project managers for the Forney area came out and did an assessment of the situation for a hardwood flooring installation. As with many older homes, there was no subfloor beneath the extant pine. After checking the floor, they decided that with a few minor repairs, this pine floor could be used as a subfloor in a nail-down installation.

Roberta chose a birch Armstrong engineered product called “Marsh Field.” It is a very light-colored wood which contrasted nicely with the darker antique furniture that filled this Forney, Texas home. We made arrangements for pickup and delivery of enough wood to do the bottom floor, then brought out an experienced professional flooring installation crew to get to work under the project manager’s direction.

The team had some interesting moments at first, dealing with the innumerable cats looking for attention. However, after they started the nail down process with the powerful nail guns, the pussies wanted nothing to do with the noise and almost all of them ran and hid on the second floor.

The homeowner was taught some basics about caring for a floor that has such feline challenges, i.e. wiping up liquids (of all sorts) immediately, and sweeping with the correct kind of broom to avoid doing damage during cleanings. Miss Roberta the cat lady was pleased with the job Texas Hardwood Flooring pros did, and has decided to save up and do her second story floors as soon as she can. Another satisfied hardwood flooring installation customer in Forney.
Good job, guys!

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