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McKinney, Texas’ downtown area is home to many grand houses built at the end of the nineteenth- and the beginning of the twentieth-century. For a while, as the town grew and spread out, the downtown area was ignored or taken for granted, and a number of these houses fell into disrepair. Fortunately, many of these houses are now being “rescued” by enterprising young folks who want to avoid living in “cookie-cutter” houses on the edges of town. This was the case of Marco and Max, who saw a house they were interested in on one of the main east/west streets of McKinney, Texas. Although it was the sweeping front porch that drew them to the house, when they finally were able to get inside they knew they’d found their dream home.  

But boy did this house need help!  As the couple began remodeling and refurbishing this “Grande Dame” of a building, they called Texas Hardwood Flooring for a consult about repairing, refinishing and possibly installing new hardwood flooring in some places. The building featured three thousand square feet of white oak floor, all original mill work. Although most of the floor was in pretty good shape, there were rooms where it was damaged beyond repair. Working with Bart, their project manager, they determined which rooms would receive which treatments.  

For the most part, the downstairs floor was in pretty good shape. Therefore, the Texas Hardwood Flooring McKinney area team came in and, after filling a few holes and gaps with a properly colored putty, they sanded and stained the floor to a golden pecan. This was followed by several coats of a water-based polyurethane to protect the wood finish. The new look actually restored it to the age and character of its original construction.  

The couple decided, however, that they really preferred a tile floor for the kitchen for practical purposes (they spend a LOT of time in the kitchen). A gorgeous Travertine (called Durango Cream) was chosen, for which a 5/8” inch plywood subfloor was installed, followed by some backer board. The stone tile was laid on top of this and adhered with thinset and a nice golden reducer was placed between the two kinds of floors.  

Meanwhile, upstairs there had been such extensive water damage to the floor in the largest bedroom that it was decided a new hardwood flooring installation was needed. The McKinney Texas Hardwood Flooring crew pulled up the damaged white oak in the bedroom and replaced it first with a ¾” plywood subfloor, then nailed an interesting ¾” pre-finished solid acacia wood, five inches wide, a beautiful coffee-and-cream color. The rest of the upstairs floor, the original white oak, was sanded and stained to come close to the acacia’s color.  

This house is a gorgeous example of Texas building heritage. Thanks, Marco and Max, for contributing to the beauty of your city and state!

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