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If you’re used to taking care of carpet, tile, or vinyl flooring, you might be slightly intimidated by the idea of cleaning your hardwood floors. Because hardwood floors are different, we must take a unique approach to cleaning and sanitizing, but not to worry, help is available. There is a whole world of products and tips out there to help you safely and efficiently care for your hardwood flooring.

Microfiber Cloth or Pad

Choosing the right pad or cloth to use on your floors seems like a no-brainer, but there are some cleaning cloths that are better than others. You definitely want to stay away from any cloth that has a harsh scrubber on it. This will be tough on your floors and could wear away the protective coating over time. You also want to choose a microfiber pad with electrostatic action that will attract dust, microparticles, and allergens.

Safe, Gentle, and Effective Cleaners

There are definitely some floor cleaning products that are simply not designed for wood floors. Steer clear of cleaning products that contain ammonia, vinegar, wax, or soap. At the very least, these agents could leave a film or residue on your floors, worst case scenario, you’re actually stripping your floors with some of these chemicals. Make sure you read labels to see if your cleaner is safe for hardwood floors.

Don’t Use Steam

Steam on hardwood floors can be quite dangerous and can actually strip hardwood floors over time. Over time, the use of steam on your wood floors can lead to cupping, moisture damage, or warping of your boards. Though there are mops that incorporate steam, reserve the use of these for tile or vinyl flooring.

Properly caring for your wood floors can add years or even decades to their life. It can reduce your need to have them refinished, and lengthen the time that they will look new and beautiful. Cleaning your floors doesn’t have to scare you, just do a little research before you buy your products, and make sure to choose the right ones. And if you’ve been wanting to get hardwood flooring installed, contact our offices today to talk to the professionals.

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