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It’s an unfortunate truth that hardwood flooring and rambunctious puppies do not go hand in hand. Rather than resorting to a declawing nightmare, you’ll have to accommodate your puppy’s claws. If it were as simple as trimming your pups nails, that would be so much easier, but broad-tip claws still have the ability to shred up the sealer and the wood itself. So, unless you think those long scratches will add a desirable character to your flooring, you’ll have to find an alternative in the form of some of the harder species of wood.

Ipe Hardwood Flooring

Exotic woods are generally a more exciting option for your hardwood floors, but they’re also known for their individualistic and striking beauty.The main reason we’ll only recommend exotics in this list is because they tend to rank as the highest hardness of wood. Ipe is commonly known as Brazilian walnut and is as beautiful as the exotic label attached to its name suggests. Though Ipe entered the North American market at astronomical prices, it has since gone down and is affordable for most homeowners, so don’t shy away because the name implies expensive. You’ll know Brazilian walnut from its deep reddish hues and dark, satisfyingly rich color.

Hard Maple Wood Flooring

That icy colored wood with smooth, uninterrupted planks and small slivers of warmth drifting throughout the grain is what is known as hard maple. It’s one of the hardest woods currently available for domestic use, and is usually used on basketball courts. You’ll find it under the alias sugar maple and rock maple, and its hardness is attributed to its super close, coordinated grain. That grain is cultivated in a special place in California where the seasonal elements come together to make the perfect environment for that close-set grain to grow perfectly. Because of its lighter color, you’ll want to use a high-quality protecting seal over the top so it won’t make the wood look more yellow than its natural cool white tones.

African Black Wood Flooring

If you’re interested in something stunningly unique, you want African Black Wood. It’s one of the hardest woods available, and though it carries a hefty price tag, it’s completely unparalleled. Its warm dark tones are believed to be the original form of ebony in ancient times because it was so much more plentiful to people with more rudimentary tools. Its high sheen and stone-hard composition renders it a drool-worthy option for any hardwood flooring, and your dog’s scratches won’t even make a dent.

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