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Us Texans love our dogs, don’t we? They’re as much a part of our families as our favorite cousin or brother; always there for us, always dependable, always a source of joy. Until it comes to the upkeep of our homes. Trying to keep certain aspects of our home’s interior in good shape is often made all the more difficult by our beloved pets. Nowhere does this ring true more than with our hardwood floors. Obviously, floors are meant to take a beating. But dog claws can easily leave their marks, scarring your floors permanently if not chosen and protected properly. As Dallas’ hardwood flooring experts, we have seen far too many times, the lasting damage that dogs can cause. However, the problem can be mitigated. By choosing the right hardwood in the first place, and doing your part to protect your flooring, you can rest assured that you won’t have to banish your furry friends to the backyard.

First, when choosing a new floor for your home, avoid the softer woods. Pine, fir, cedar, American cherry, American walnut and carbonized bamboo are all woods that will leave you wishing for a claw-less dog, if there were such a thing. These woods are susceptible to dents and scratches and will show them easily- even without dogs or kids inflicting damage on them. Think about finding a wood that ranks higher on the Janka hardness scale for wood.

Now that you’ve found hardwood flooring you love, make sure that its available as a solid hardwood. Where engineered wood choices are less expensive and work better for certain rooms, solid hardwood floors can be refinished and sanded again again without issue. Engineered hardwood has a limited amount of sandings it can withstand because of its thin layers. Pet stains are also more easily removed by sanding solid hardwood.

So, you have the wood you love in the type that you need. Now, think about the grain and characteristics. If you are concerned about having a pristine and unmarred floor, maybe pet ownership should be rethought. However, if a floor with a ton of character is more your liking, consider distressed hardwoods or those that include strong grain markings. Woods that have bold grains, knots and markings are much more likely to naturally disguise the dents and scratches that any family member may leave behind. Also, consider the finish. A high-gloss sheen will be sure to highlight any scratches or damage and lighter colors work better at hiding scratches than do darker tones.

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