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When you’re preparing for a hardwood flooring upgrade, you are certain to run across plenty of up-sale opportunities trying to pressure you into investing in Brazilian hardwood flooring species. The question “Is this worth it” has to have crossed your mind at least a couple of times. Is there really any merit in hardwood flooring from Brazil that can’t be found in various, more domestic species that are also more affordable? Do they even hold any merit over other exotic woods like those from Australia, Asia and even Canada? We have a few opinions on the matter:

The Exotic Hardwood Flooring Breakdown

On a superficial level, Brazilian hardwood flooring is better than domestic options. This is a very broad generalization and based solely off of how hard their hardwood flooring ends up being. To be less broad, there is no “domestic vs exotic” argument, there’s only an argument over what species sources the best hardwood flooring based on a variety of factors that can totally be personal preferences. Really, the region of South America can only boast extremely hardwoods. For example, purpleheart and Santos mahogany are some of the hardest and most interesting looking woods around. In the respect of looks and hardness, Brazilian cherry and Walnut won’t be beaten by anything you can source from the North American continent. So if you have a puppy, kids or kitties, it might be a good idea to invest in the higher end look and hardness.

The Sustainability

It’s true that North America can probably beat South America at the sustainably sourced hardwood flooring materials game. We think reclaimed hardwood flooring that’s both historically relevant and inspires green-thinking is a great example of this, but just because you want harder, more unique looking hardwood flooring does not mean you’ll be helping destroy the Amazon Rainforest and kill all cancer curing plants lurking in its depths. There are plenty of farms and mills that responsibly acquire their materials and you can even shop for the Forest Stewardship Council’s stamp of approval on the box before you purchase it. You can even shop for that logo, which translates to a sustainably sourced certificate, on the manufacturer’s website.

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