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You can install hardwood flooring over just about anything, including that pink carpet in that house you inherited in Plano. While we can’t officially recommend laying hardwood flooring over pink carpet, low pile or shag, we can support installing your hardwood flooring over concrete. If your home was installed on a concrete slab and you’re not a fan of the industrial look, or even if you’re just interested in sprucing up the basement area, that is totally within your means. Together, we can explore the process for installing hardwood flooring over your concrete so you know exactly what you’re signing up for and if it’s the best option to refinish your Dallas home.

Managing Moisture

Any experienced hardwood flooring contractor is going to be most concerned with the moisture of the concrete. Moisture is famously hazardous to the longevity of any wood, whether it be your dresser or your hardwood flooring. Obviously, your hardwood flooring is going to take more of a beating than any dresser will and especially in regard to moisture. When people start thinking about installing hardwood flooring over concrete, it’s very rarely on an above grade surface. When speaking of grades, there are generally three ways to refer to different surfaces based on their relation to the ground. Above grade means the flooring is built up above the ground. On grade means it’s built directly over the ground and below grade means it’s built below the ground. In most homes, you’ll be hard pressed to find concrete flooring in any other area of a home other than the basement which just happens to be the area where all the moisture in your home generally hangs out, spare your bathroom and kitchen.

Moisture Worries

The main concern for any flooring contractor is in regard to the moisture surrounding any level of a home. If hardwood flooring meets enough moisture in an area, it’s likely to start shrinking and expanding due to the temperature and varying moisture levels, and therefore, warping. It generally occurs during the changing of seasons. In fact, in most cases, it’s a normal expansion and contraction much like your door jams and window frames experience if they’re made of wood as well. Hot, humid summer force the wood to expand and cold, dry winters force the wood to contract. It’s only really an issue if that movement is unchecked that it becomes a hazardous occurrence for your checkbook.

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We’ve only scraped the surface of our wood flooring on concrete discussion. Refer to our blogs to dig deeper in your search for an answer. Ready to just go ahead and bring warmth back to your concrete slab flooring? Contact us now to schedule your consultation.

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