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Clever Ways to Keep Your Floor Safe During The Holiday Season- Part 2

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The more traffic that traverses over your finely crafted hardwood flooring, the more damage it’s going to sustain. It’s like driving a car on the highway: the more you do it, the higher chance you have of something flying up and breaking the windshield. One of these inevitabilities can be prevented with just a little bit of thought put in ahead of time.

Area Rugs

In our last blog, we talked about using doormats. Well, we’re going to explore that possibility further with the notion of floor rugs in high traffic zones, like the living room or wherever you’re planning on placing your Christmas tree. You can find some cheap ones online that you can throw out after the holidays are over, or you can head to a higher end outlet and find some beautiful oriental rugs to complement your color palette as an early Christmas gift to yourself that you can use to protect the beauty of your hardwood flooring.

Keep Shoes Off

Ask your guests to pop off those kicks once they come in. Make it a habit that will prevent at least ten different people from tracking dirt onto the floors and then the next ten people from grinding it into the delicate fibers of your wood. You can add a couple of boot trays right inside the entryway to keep clean up to a minimum. This way, their bare tootsies can enjoy that new floor mat you just purchased in order to keep the floors looking sharp longer too. Worried about the moisture getting tracked on the floor anyway? Keep the boot tray just outside the door. That way, they can pull off their boots, leave them outside, and then step directly into the warmth of your holiday-decorated home. That’ll keep unwanted moisture at bay and then shoes (hopefully) won’t ever get a chance to stomp across your hardwood flooring.

Invest in a Tarp

Stick with us here: we aren’t suggesting that you make your guests stay on a tarp rather than your flooring the whole time. No, in this case, we’re talking about the Christmas tree. We all know they’re a fire hazard if they aren’t properly watered, but dripping water is not at all what you want on your hardwood floors. Sure, the average spill isn’t a huge deal, but a month of watering a huge tree that’s perched on top of wood is not what we’d call “normal exposure to moisture.” Spread a tarp out beneath the tree and then add the tree skirt over the top to cover it up while keeping your hardwood flooring totally protected from extra moisture.

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