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The holidays are upon us. They’re beating their drums of war as they crest the hill outside our fort. The holiday sigil, a green tree on a red field is waving in the breeze and you have to now ready your home for the onslaught of people that will soon flood through your home seeking holiday cheer and togetherness. Certainly, it’s not nearly as bad as an approaching army, but it takes about as much preparation to keep your sanity in the wake of heaps of obligations, collecting gifts, spending lots of time with family and so much more that comes along with the holidays. At their core, they’re fun and they distract us from the fact that we’ll hardly see the sun for the next three months, but they offer their challenges. One of those challenges is keeping your hardwood safe from harm. As much as hardwood flooring is durable and bounces back like Robert Downey Jr.’s acting career, it can still take a beating from too much traffic and having to get your floors polished or at the worst refinished after every holiday is just not an expense any of us have room for. Here’s how you keep that flooring spick and span while your family troops over it like a troop of invading medieval soldiers.

Buy Door Mats

Wayfair and Amazon have a bunch of holiday deals on stuff they have trouble selling in bulk throughout the rest of the year, which includes doormats. You should be able to find a variety of relatively attractive ones online for a pretty cheap price, which you can then throw down onto your hardwood floor. We recommend covering as much of your hardwood flooring as much as possible, but try and focus on the areas most folks will linger throughout the festivities. The bedroom is not a huge concern, but the guest bathroom and the entryway are real concerns as your family will be tromping dirt and debris that will get ground into the finish of your wood flooring. Get some cute floor mats and protect your flooring with finesse.

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Maybe you’re trying to find the perfect Christmas gift or you’re just trying to get your home looking beautiful before the family starts circulating through, but it’s never too late in the year to get hardwood flooring. Reach out to Texas Hardwood Flooring to find out more about our hardwood refinishing services or invest in a brand new floor for the perfect holiday setting now.

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