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Worried about your hardwood flooring barely surviving the holiday hustle and bustle, much like yourself? Don’t worry, the hardwood flooring experts in Dallas are here to enlighten you about our best tips and tricks for ensuring that your floors escape the holiday season completely free of damage. In our past couple of blogs we’ve mentioned a couple of our pro tips like area rugs and boot mats, which are all more passive strategies to making sure your floor survives, now we can get into the real meat and potatoes of the daily maintenance you’ll need to perform to keep everything tip-top while your guests are staying and to avoid any hardwood refinishing costs at the end of their visit.

Clean Frequently

We know you’ve got enough on your plate with having to cook and make ready the house for the coming visitors, but we’re going to add to the maintenance list at least while your house is in the full influx of people coming and going for the holiday festivities. Dirt and grime will be able to make it into your home no matter what prevention methods you employ. We recommend running a hard surface vacuum over the event space immediately after the guests have departed. It takes a solid 15 minutes and could save your thousands of dollars in refinishing costs. Once per week, at least during the holiday season, take a Swiffer sweeper to the floors and give them a good once over to collect any fine particles as well. We also recommend vacuuming around the tree on a regular basis, like twice per week because it drops needles and other debris and you don’t need those sanding your wood flooring for you. Clean them up before they start to scratch your hardwood flooring’s finish.

Prevent Scratches Ahead of Time

Take your puppy or your kitty to the side and get those clippers out. With all the excitement of new people around, there’s more than a good chance that those little claws will be out and they’ll scraping up things that don’t want to be scraped up including your pant legs and your hardwood flooring. Next, head on over to Hobby Lobby or a craft store of your choice and invest in some large sheets of felt. Cut it to size and tape it with clear tape to the feet of your furniture for anything that rests on the hardwood. It’s the best way to prevent scratches you just don’t need.

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Even if you’ve put in all the time and thought to keep your floors looking sharp, something might happen. Contact us if your floors look scuffed up after your family has come through for the holidays. We can refinish your hardwood flooring efficiently and have them looking beautiful once more.

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