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Sometimes our project managers are called upon to be creative above and beyond the normal flooring job. For example, Kevin W. called us from Colleyville, Texas. He had purchased a load of “cocoa oak” engineered hardwood flooring for his bedrooms. It was a “close-out” deal, so there was a limited amount of wood available. Kevin wasn’t sure he had enough wood for the surface he needed to be covered and was quite concerned about it. He had figured on doing a glue-down installation of this engineered hardwood himself; now he wasn’t sure he could make it work all by himself. So then he called the great staff at Texas Hardwood Flooring for help.  

Kevin’s Colleyville Flooring Installation

Our project manager, Brian has years and years of expertise, starting as a general contractor in Colorado, but for many years now managing projects and consulting for Texas Hardwood Flooring. This is a guy who knows what he’s talking. As he spoke with Kevin about getting the most out his purchased product, the Colleyville homeowner realized that he really wanted Brian to do the flooring installation instead of trying to do it himself.  

The cocoa oak was 5/16” x 3” and there was enough, for sure, for two of the bedrooms, but because of cutting waste, the third room was questionable. Brian came up with an excellent suggestion which Kevin quickly agreed to. The customer went back and bought a measured amount of another engineered oak product, this one also with a 5/16” thickness. The color was much lighter than the cocoa, but side by side, the two hardwoods were complimentary.  

After this, Brian had his Texas Hardwood Flooring crew install the cocoa oak engineered hardwood flooring in two of the rooms. However, in the master bedroom, while the darker oak engineered flooring was installed, it was “framed” by the light colored oak. It was a very simple border, the lighter oak approximately a foot wide, setting off the cocoa oak. This left enough of the “close-out” wood for any future repairs that might be needed.  After laying in the transitions to the carpet that ran along the hallway between these rooms, Kevin and his family had beautiful new floors for all three bedrooms, quite a lot of savings in the product purchase price that more than paid for our Colleyville crew to do the work of pulling up carpet, prepping the floor, and installing the engineered wood with a high-quality adhesive.

Another happy customer of Brian and Texas Hardwood Flooring, this time in the special city of Colleyville, Texas.  

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