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    Coppell’s Local Hardwood Floor Installing

    Coppell was a small village of 700 when it was incorporated in 1955, and was then predominantly farmland, producing cotton, wheat, oats, sweet potatoes, peanuts, and melons. Then, the opening of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in 1974 changed everything! Now, Coppell is home to an ever-increasing number of homes and businesses, many of which have used our hardwood flooring installation services!

    Why Coppell, Texas Continues to Grow Today

    The implementation of this tremendous international airport converted Coppell from a sleepy farm community into a large, upper-middle class suburban city in 20 short years. By the year 2000, almost all of the residential zoned land in the city was developed, and the population has now grown to over 40,000. Coppell has a wide selection of beautiful homes, many of whom have availed themselves of the services provided by Texas Hardwood Flooring, the premier hardwood flooring installation and refinishing company in the area. There are a number of gorgeous mansions peppered throughout many moderately-priced single-family homes and neighborhoods.

    In addition to suburban homes, however, the city has a growing commercial presence of warehouses and transportation centers on the south and west sides of town, closest to the airport. As a result, the local economy is blossoming. CiCi’s Pizza has planted its headquarters in Coppell, and many corporations have shipping and distribution facilities here, including Lucent, Container Store, and Mohawk Industries. Amazon has recently opened a distribution center, as has the Korean mega-corporation Samsung.

    With its first-rate public schools (that feature a city sales-tax driven commitment to the arts), Coppellians find this is a great place to raise a family. Parks and recreational opportunities abound. For example, Coppell has new a forward-looking project called: “Bold Vision, Big Impact.” And this medium-sized city is working to make the city even more livable. They are emphasizing the local social amenities, beginning with the first-rate Cozby Library and Community Commons. It will also feature the upgrade of the Andrew Brown Parks projects – “a balance of active recreation and passive green spaces to foster opportunities for small group outings, families and friends to gather daily, and large group activities during seasonal events.” Ever forward-looking, Coppell is also building the Coppell Life Safety Park, an interactive family space whose design will “embrace … sustainable design values through conserving energy, protecting and conserving water, enhancing indoor environmental quality, using resource-efficient materials, minimizing construction waste, and optimizing maintenance and operations cost.”

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    This is the “bold vision and bold impact” that Coppell is committed to for the future for its citizens, and the team at Texas Hardwood Flooring is boldly committed to serving all of Coppell’s hardwood flooring needs – installing, refinishing, repairing – as it has for the last fifty years of growth. Contact us today to learn more about this growing city and our services in the region!


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