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    Copper Canyon’s Hardwood Flooring Experts

    Copper Canyon is the ideal place for the upscale family. This bucolic town is largely composed of spacious lots in quiet neighborhoods with quite sizable homes. It was incorporated in April, 1973; the residents at the time decided they needed to act in order to preserve the rural atmosphere of the community. They also wanted to maintain their low tax rate, so the town fathers decided to contract with neighboring communities for most municipal services. Therefore, Copper Canyon residents depend on fire protection from Argyle, police patrols from Double Oak, and ambulances arrive from nearby Lewisville. Likewise, Copper Canyon residents have relied upon Texas Hardwood Flooring to install beautiful hardwood flooring for decades.

    Copper Canyon: High-End Texas Living

    The first European settlers arrived in would become Copper Canyon in the 1840s. The story goes that the area got its name from “Copperhead Canyon,” a locale formerly known for its poisonous snakes. Whatever the case, when Elisha and Mary Chinn arrived in Texas from North Carolina in 1852, they were instrumental in building the area’s first church. What began as a log-cabin chapel ultimately became known as the Chinn’s Chapel United Methodist Church. The historic church building, constructed in 1877, is still in active ministry all these years later. Besides being a UMC church, the building hosts an Hispanic Pentecostal congregation and the “Holy Hoodlums,” a Christian biker group.

    Cattle ranching was the town’s mainstay, economically, for many years, especially after the railroad came in 1881. Today, however, commercial developments are rare and Copper Canyon is primarily a bedroom community for commuters or stay-at-home workers. Part of the attraction of this community is the quick access to Pilot Knoll Park on Lewisville Lake and the high-end boutiques found at The Shops at Highland Village and The Marketplace at Highland Village. Copper Canyon is an area heavily serviced by Texas Hardwood Flooring, primarily for high-grade professional hardwood flooring installation.

    A few established ranches are still found in the area, and a number of horse trails are maintained for local riders. Copper Canyon is also home to the Old Alton Bridge, a registered national historic site. It is locally known as the “Goatman’s Bridge,” and some folks believe it is haunted by a ghost from a dark chapter in the area’s past. This is historic iron through-truss bridge connects Copper Canyon to Denton and originally carried horses over Hickory Creek at what was once a popular cattle ford.

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    In sum, Copper Canyon is a town of choice for the affluent family, a beautiful rural community with quick access to the urban offerings of Dallas/Ft.Worth/ Denton. Reach out to Texas Hardwood Flooring for all of your hardwood flooring needs in the Copper Canyon area!


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