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Hardwood Flooring in Dallas / Forth Worth

A good hardwood floor can add value to a house. Whether you are replacing them or laying down a new floor entirely, you are sure to add both value and wonderful aesthetics to your home. Hardwood floors are extremely durable and can certainly withstand the Texas climate.

Modern advancements in flooring technology, mixed with a myriad of styles and designs, means that you can find a hardwood floor that looks nice with any decor and home layout, but will also be guaranteed to last.

Styles of Hardwood Flooring

When looking for design inspiration for your new hardwood floors, there are many different kinds of wood styles to choose from. Domestic options include oak, hickory, maple, cherry, and walnut, or you can go the exotic route and choose acacia and tamarind.

The colors, finishes, and stains can also alter any existing hardwood flooring in your DFW home, to create a completely custom look that compliments the style of your Dallas/Fort Worth home. Even if you’ve already got hardwood flooring, refinishing it may be an option that can completely change the look and feel of your entire home.

Keep in mind you can also make choices between the width and cut of your boards, which will also alter the overall aesthetic of your hardwood flooring. Will you prefer wider planks for a more rustic feel, or stick with the traditional route with more narrow strips. Part of what makes hardwood flooring such a popular option, is how customizable the flooring can be, and the addition it can make to your home is incredible.

Hardwood Basics

Hardwood flooring options are numerous, and it can be overwhelming to know what to look for. Keep some of these basic measurements in mind when surveying hardwood floor options.

Length – The longer the strip of wood, the fewer end joints you will have. (these are sometimes distracting.) A good trick when working with a smaller room is using longer boards of wood planks. The longer strips will make the room feel and appear bigger. You can usually select your wood to be cut or pre cut into lengths that range from 1-8 feet, but of course this will all be dependent on your style and preference.

Width – Your width will be considered strip flooring if the width ranges between 2 ¼ inches to 3 ¼ inches wide. Plank flooring on the other hand can range in width, but are usually 3 inches or wider, depending on your style and choice of wood. Style wise, a six-inch wide plank will leave a rustic appeal, while thinner strips can look busy. Mixed width flooring options offer the best of both worlds, so remember this is also a possibility.

Thickness – The more solid the boards, the longer and more often they can be refinished. Boards that are ¾ inch thick can even be refinished up to ten times before needing to be replaced. Thinner planks cannot be sanded as many times, but as long as you use a durable coating (whether factory applied or done yourself) your floors shouldn’t need to be refinished frequently.

HardnessDid you know hardwood floors have different levels of hardness? Essentially, the harder the wood, the less prone it will be to dents and scratches. Different types of wood will have different levels of hardness, which is why this is important to keep in mind when deciding where to install a particular type of wood.

Hardwood Flooring FAQs

Cost – When shopping around, remember the three most important factors when considering the cost of your floors: the grade, finish, and width. The grade is determined by the color and natural characteristics of the wood (like mineral streaks, holes, and knots) which can add style to your flooring. The cleaner the grade, the more expensive the wood could be, but it all depends on your preference.

Cut options can range from plain-sawn which is the most commonly used cutting style, with quarter-sawn or rift-sawn also being an option. Finish wise, your hardwood flooring will come either prefinished or unfinished. Prefinished hardwood flooring comes already sanded, sealed, and sometimes even stained, saving you a lot of time when it’s time to install.

Maintenance – Well maintained hardwood floors last a long time. Abrasive dirt will be your new hardwood floor’s worst enemy. By ensuring your hardwood floors are properly finished, you can combat against this. Keeping clean floors will play a big role in the life of your hardwood floors. In high traffic areas, particularly near entries, lay down floor runners and doormats to further protect your new flooring.

Installation – What’s nice about hardwood floors, is they can be installed almost anywhere. We recommend steering clear of areas that are prone to humidity, moisture and water.

In DFW in particular, hardwood floors may need a little extra care in the beginning. As a general rule, wood flooring will perform the best when the inside temperature is controlled and humidity levels are kept between 30 and 50 percent. Humidity levels outside this range can cause floors to swell, move, and weaken their structural integrity.

In especially warmer climates, your hardwood flooring caretaking can be combated by utilizing air conditioners and dehumidifiers during the hotter and more humid seasons.

DurabilityHowever, as long as you have a regular care plan in place, your floors should last beautifully, much longer. This means constant dusting with a microfiber cloth pad to eliminate pet hairs, dandruff, dust, and dirt, or any kind of debris that can cause scratches over time. About once a week, it will also be helpful to vacuum with a soft-bristled floor brush attachment that is available with most standard vacuums.

Hardwood Flooring in Dallas/ Fort Worth Metro Area

The designs and layouts of Texas homes certainly are unique when compared to other parts of the country. It’s important to find hardwood flooring that matches the beauty of Texas homes.

Whether you want an old rustic look, or if you want flooring that looks like it was freshly milled and hasn’t even made it to the lumber yard yet, we can accommodate your request.

If you’re in the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area and are considering hardwood flooring for your home reach out to one of our experts today to see what will really help your home stand out!

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