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    Tile flooring offers variety, durability, ready availability and value. Available in an array of natural stones and manufactured materials, tile flooring delivers long lasting beauty to both indoor and outdoor settings. Easy to maintain and clean, most tile flooring choices are perfect for a variety of lifestyles.

    Natural tile flooring includes ceramic tiles made from clay and slate, too. To create these natural materials into flooring, manufacturers shape the necessary materials, glaze or seal them and (sometimes) super-heat them in kilns to produce durable tiles.

    With today’s manufacturing and glazing techniques, the hardness and durability of tile flooring is quite high. You can choose to have your tile floors as hard as possible for high traffic areas. Special enamel glazes can make tile floors durable enough for high-traffic and industrial areas.

    Texas Hardwood Flooring is a Professional Floor Contractor that Installs:

    • Ceramic Tile Floors
    • Granite Floors
    • Porcelain Tile Floors
    • Stone Floors
    • Marble Flooring
    • Limestone Floors
    • Travertine Floors
    • Flagstone Floors

    And more!

    Where does tile fit in home décor?

    Choose tile when you need a floor material that is:

    • Extremely attractive and durable
    • Versatile and long-lasting
    • Able to sustain heavy use without fading or cracking

    In addition to these benefits, prices can be quite reasonable. Tile installations cost is affected by room size, material, availability and quality

    A few cautions:

    • Natural tiles, such as travertine, slate, marble and other stones, may require extra care because they are fragile during installation. After installation, they are highly durable!
    • Installing ceramic tile flooring may require the use of strong chemicals. Professional installation is recommended.

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