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So, you’ve decided it’s time to install new floors in your home…congratulations! The addition of new flooring can take years off the age of your home and greatly improve your resale value, but it’s definitely a big decision. Even if you’ve already decided that you love the natural look and feel of wood, you still have to decide between the many different products that can deliver this look. If you’re trying to choose between solid plank and engineered hardwood flooring installation, these comparisons may help.

The Plank Difference

One of the major differences between solid and engineered wood floors is the composition of the planks themselves. As you may have guessed, solid wood planks are milled from a single piece of hardwood which is then covered with a clear layer of protective finish. Engineered floor planks are made from several layers of wood. Bottom layers are often made of less expensive plywood or recycled hardwood fibers, while the top layer is finished hardwood.

The Humidity Difference

Because of the differences in how solid and engineered hardwood planks are composed, they behave differently once they’re installed. Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity cause solid wood plants to expand and contract, while engineered flooring is more resistant to these changes.

The Refinishing Difference

Although hardwood floors have the reputation of being extremely durable, it is possible for them to become scratched, pitted, and stained over time. The good news is, solid wood floors can be repeatedly sanded down to the original wood and refinished, while engineered floors can only be refinished once or twice before they’ll need to be replaced.

Texas Hardwood Flooring has years of experience with solid and engineered hardwood flooring installation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Contact us to help make your decision easier!

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