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Here’s the untarnished truth:

Though nothing matches the warmth, comfort and beauty of solid hardwood floors, they aren’t appropriate for every decor or room situation. Sometimes, you just have to let the dream of having wood floors throughout your home just die. But you can hold onto the look.

Because of today’s innovations in flooring materials, the new trend of installing wood-grain tile is gaining tremendous popularity. But many are hesitant of making the jump to using the product as they’ve heard some myths circulated about wood-grain tile. These mistakes include:

  • The belief that tile floors are cold. Though they can be less comforting to walk on than wood or carpet, they do serve some rooms better as they stand up to humidity and moisture better than those materials too. Furthermore, the installation and material of both ceramic and natural stone tile lends itself to radiant heating. Installing floor heating just under the tile ensures that you’ll never have to experience icicle toes during the winter.
  • The belief that wood-grain tile looks as fake as it is. Thanks to digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing, the advances in wood-grain tile have created some varieties that look truly authentic. Using tiles that are as diverse as natural wood grain is the key to a natural looking floor.
  • The belief that grout lines make the floor look fake. Certain tile edges eliminate the need to space the tiles at a certain width where grout would be a problem. Putting tiles closer together achieves the natural wood look you are after.
  • The belief that longer tiles warp. The truth here is that any tile over 15″ in length is more prone to warping than their shorter cousins. That being said, if the tile is installed correctly, warping should not be a problem. A professional tile floor installer that is well-versed and knowledgeable about the challenges should know how to alleviate eliminate the risk of warping.

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