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Tile looks amazing in bathrooms and kitchens.  Plus it’s extremely durable.  However, how do you care for and clean grout after a tile installation?  Bathrooms can get really dirty and it’s important to know how to clean your tile.  Some of the best ways to clean tile involved natural ingredients which allow you to avoid using harsh bleaching agents.  Check out these ways to clean your grout and make it look like new.

First you will want to clean the tiles.  You can simply use warm water and a green cleaner or mild dish soap for this.  Give them a good wipe down and make sure any excess debris has been removed.  Once you’ve finished wiping down the tiles it’s time to move on to the trickier grout.

You’ll need lots of baking soda for this part.  The best way to start is by filing a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half water.  Spray down the grout and let the vinegar sit for about 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes try wiping the grout with a clean cloth to see if that does the trick.  If it does not, whip out the baking soda.  Mix two parts baking soda to one part vinegar mixture.  This should create more of a paste.  Once you have the paste start applying it along the grout.  Allow the mixture to sit but not to dry.  Take a stiff bristled brush to the grout or even an old toothbrush.  Scrub in circular motions over all the areas that you’ve applied the paste.  Wipe clean with a warm cloth.  For most cases this will clean grout thoroughly and deeply.  You can even add some lemon juice in with the baking soda paste for a nicer smell.

If this process does not work, it may be time to bring out the bigger guns and harsher chemicals.  Try Clorox bleach pens or an oxygen bleach product for tougher grout problems.

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