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The Evolution of Hardwood Flooring Style

Throughout the years, all kinds of flooring have slowly evolved. We no longer cover everything in manufactured materials like laminate as we did in the 50s through the 80s, and we no longer choose blonde colored wood flooring for literally every scrap of ground we can find. Instead, trends have made us much more cognisant of wear colors fit, and we’re not trying to fit red shag carpet in with green furniture. Trust in the recent trends, to guide you to choose a better kind of flooring that will last you for years.

Stand Out

In a sense, it’s always been in vogue to stand out. The trends from the past couple of years in hardwood flooring are no different. There’s been a rise in more extreme colors of wood that have the express purpose of making a home look completely unique.

Dark Stained Wood Flooring

With the ability to emphasize, like a bold underline, dark stained wood is a statement instead of a home upgrade. With exotics coming into style again, woods like African Wenge have started to make an impact on popular culture’s idea of attractive flooring. Dark woods tend to pair well with lighter colored furniture and broad, open spaces that let them strut their stuff. If your rooms are on the smaller side or lack lots of natural light, this might not be the trend for you.

Light Colored Wood

Since bamboo flooring and oriental styles are having a surge recently, we’ve seen more people leaning toward the ever-versatile blonde wood flooring color. If you’re living in more cramped quarters, blonde colored wood would certainly open the space up and pairs easily with any color of furniture you have. It absorbs natural light and makes the entire room look brighter. Coincidentally, it shows much less dirt than their darker counterpart that commonly collects dust like flies to honey.

Gray Wood Flooring

It seems that people were somewhat skeptical about this trend when it started making headway, but everyone’s jumped on the train recently. Grey offers the happy middle ground of flooring that the color itself has always been symbolic of. If your decorating already emulates clean lines, and uncomplicated patterns, you can totally afford to go for a color like grey since this unique flooring will always be the centerpiece of any room. Unfortunately, the color would not fit very well with Mediterranean or classical Country style, if you’re still liking the lighter coloring and interesting composition grey flooring adds to a room, try a colder hued flooring like our Cambridge Avenue product from the On The 9ine Collection or Pigeon Cove from our New England Collection for happy mediums with an interesting, in-vogue twist.
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