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The great thing about hardwood floors is that they’re built to last. If you’ve ever visited a historic home and heard the guide explain how you were walking on the original hardwood floors, you might have thought they were pulling your leg. But thanks to wood floor refinishing, it’s possible to give old floors new life year after year. However, the best way to avoid the task of refinishing as long as possible is to take good care of your floors on a daily basis. Here are some essential tips for preventing damage from daily use.

Give Your Pets A Manicure

People feet can do a lot of damage to your hardwood. Between dirty boots in the winter and high heels on the weekends, they have to put up with a lot. However, human feet are nothing compared to pet feet. The long claws and nails on your four-legged friend can be like golf spikes to a hardwood floor. Stay on top of your pet’s nail care and trim them regularly to avoid unnecessary scratches.

Use A Humidifier

Did you know that hardwood flooring can stretch or shrink depending on the temperature and humidity inside your house? This is especially common in homes with solid plank hardwood flooring, but it can also happen with engineered wood flooring depending on the quality of the installation. Using a humidifier to regulate your home during months the winter months, when you’re more likely to have the heat on, can be a great way to prevent damage from shifting.

Wipe Up Spots & Spills Immediately

This probably goes without saying, but any time your wood floor is exposed to moisture, it damages the finish and puts your floor at risk. Certain substances, when left long enough, could actually penetrate the finish and stain the wood. To avoid paying for wood finishing while your floors are still relatively young, just be sure to clean these spills up with a soft, clean cloth as soon as they happen!

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