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Welcome back to the Texas Hardwood Flooring reclaimed wood flooring purchasing guide. If you caught our last one, we mentioned our favorite southern reclaimed wood source where you can find plenty of stock from repurposed barn boards made of poplar and Appalachian heart pine trees. If, however, you had trouble finding the right reclaimed wood among their stock, never fret, Texas Hardwood Flooring is armed with plenty of other suggestions on where you can find the right reclaimed wood for your aesthetic.

Distributor #2: Aged Woods

Based in Pennsylvania, this wood supplier happily ships throughout the entire U.S. as well as England, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and so many other places. They specialize in creating engineered hardwood flooring out of reclaimed wood from all over the East Coast. Generally, their products are designed with 3mm of authentic, antique reclaimed wood that is laid over the top of a nine-layer plywood substrate. It’s prefinished, so the product received seven coats of aluminum oxide finish to keep that flooring from accruing any other “character enhancing” dings and dents that might not really follow the look you were going for. Their line easily combines the unparalleled beauty of reclaimed hardwood flooring without the price point of the solid wood alternative and it incorporates the practicality of engineered hardwood flooring.

Their Products

They have a couple of truly unique options that you won’t find in most areas, including their circular saw cut oak flooring. Although this specific product comes in solid wood, it’s worth the price point. Because of the precise re-milling process, each board has managed to keep the unique, and hard to find, circular saw texture on the face of each board. It’s made from the barn wood of repurposed structures from their area and it has exactly as much character as you were hoping for. Although, our favorite has to admittedly be the antique maple and beech wood flooring. It comes in a light creme color and is certainly the most charming from their collection of reclaimed wood options. The best part, the prefinished engineered wood is available more often than the solid wood counterpart.

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If you’re looking forward to finding the exact bundle of reclaimed hardwood flooring to enhance the character and aesthetic in your home or encourage a new series of decorations based off of the historical inspiration from the wood, we’re here to help your reclaimed wood dreams become a reality. Reach out to us once you’ve picked out the hardwood flooring you’ve fallen in love with and we’ll set up an appointment to gain an understanding of your expectations about the installation process and how we can move forward. If you’re not sold on the options we’ve provided, keep up with our blog for more distributors and their information.

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