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If you’ve yet to find the perfect reclaimed hardwood flooring option that you originally envisioned for yourself from the set of distributors we’ve suggested, fret not. For we’ve plenty of others that will ship all over the U.S. and can be installed by our team of expert flooring installation contractors. We’re eager to help you fulfill your vision for your new home renovation and we’ve heavily researched the distributors to ensure that their products comply with our required level of quality. So shop freely and know that we won’t have a problem installing your brand new, beautiful antique wood flooring.

Distributor #3: Jarmak Corporation

Jarmak Corporation is one of the few totally dependable reclaimed wood mills that is super respectable. They have an entire lumberyard to themselves and a sawmill in Pennsylvania with offices in Massachusetts. Within their store of products, you’ll find the favorite standbys like heart pine and antique barn oak that certainly makes reclaimed wood fan’s hearts flutter. But they specifically specialize in Boston’s reclaimed wood, and it’s exactly as gorgeous as you would expect. It’s specifically harvested from Boston’s harbor and is aptly named Boston Harbor White Oak. That line, along with their other line of products was harvest from the decaying buildings on Boston’s waterfront. While many reclaimed wood companies are hard-pressed to produce boards that are longer than 3 feet because of the varying quality of the wood, Jarmak can produce boards up to 16 feet long. The fact that the wood is a literal piece of Boston Harbor history is a very convincing selling point for us. For it’s hard to find charm that rivals that.

Their Products

They source their wood from more than just retired barns, it’s mostly from Boston Harbor, so you can take note of how much higher quality the wood still remains in. In general, that means more longevity for the wood than if it were to be totally repurposed. You’ll notice that all of their wood has a better quality grain and color for this reason. They’ll remill it for you, or you can specify that they refrain from that. If you’re still in doubt, check out their recent amazing projects in the Boston Harbor currently. For example, they outfitted the new Brown University building with their classic, golden and red-hued heart pine. You can check out pictures of it on their recent projects page. If you’re interested in investing in their product, it’s worth checking out their recent work. You won’t be disappointed.

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When you’ve ordered and received your reclaimed hardwood flooring reach out to Texas Hardwood Flooring for the best flooring installation experience in Little Elm. If you’re still browsing for that special brand of reclaimed wood, watch our blog for regular updates on distributors.

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