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Everyone has seen it in Town & Country, as well as hundreds of Pinterest photos and everywhere else that you can glimpse the hot new trends: reclaimed wood flooring. It is, admittedly, super gorgeous and there are quite a few brands of it that change the look just enough to make it totally unique on a board-by-board basis. If you want your next hardwood flooring project to look like the floor you saw in that magazine article, we don’t blame you. We’d only caution you to choose from a few select vendors that we’ve gone through the trouble of vetting to ensure that you don’t end up with structurally corrupted boards that won’t last nearly as long as they’re meant to. It’s supposed to provide character for your floor, not shorten its longevity. In our previous three blogs, we mentioned a few vendors that we believe in, but if they don’t have a species that’s up your alley, fear not for we have plenty more options up our sleeves.

Distributor # 4: Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Based in Peculiar, MO, Elmwood claims it’s wood from the older buildings and historical places near Kansas City. This company can proudly boast one of the largest selections of reclaimed wood available, so it’s highly unlikely you won’t find something you at least like the look of, even if the price isn’t the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen. Their reclaimed wood has been used in The Gap, as well as Starbucks and other trendy places that have the hipster look and feel that reclaimed wood can easily establish alongside unparalleled class. Luckily though, they still supply the residential market so we can all get our hands on their awesome products.They even provide antique-cut nails, as well as stone and tin for your floors to make them look even more incredible with ease. They won’t post their prices up front, because they’re classy. You’ll have to reach out to them individually with their contact form to get ahold of them.

Their Wood Flooring Products

Unlike many sellers that are limited to the species of wood used in the cheaper buildings in their neck of the woods, Elmwood provides some truly unique reclaimed wood that is exactly as gorgeous as you would expect. They provide dark, thin cut douglas fir, as well as hickory, with thick knots and interesting grains that make it even more unique than the average barn wood flooring. Our favorite has to be the Elmwood reclaimed wood flooring. It provides a long, straight grain and creamy, but rich, coloring with beautiful color tones and surface sheen that’ll leave you with goo-goo eyes for sure.

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