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If you’re still searching for the perfect accent reclaimed wood for your home in Plano or Little Elm, fret not, for Texas Hardwood Flooring still has plenty of qualified vendors that you can turn to. The look of reclaimed wood flooring, be-it traditionally cut or circular cut and made of poplar or oak is truly something else. It adds distinctive character and eye-catching class to any home and decor style. So we certainly won’t blame you for wanting to hunt and find the perfect reclaimed wood for you. If you’re interested in history and the origin of the wood you’re investing in, we’ve got the perfect vendor for you:

Distributor #5: Sylvan Brandt

They’re specifically and foremost a reclaimed wood flooring mill, so they don’t specialize in siding or paneling, they specialize in flooring. They distribute from their hometown in Pennsylvania and were founded in the1960s by Sylvan Brandt. They take special care in choosing their flooring, and it shows. They prolong the job much more than the other vendors by locating, pulling, milling, and distributing the reclaimed wood floor all by themselves. They ship throughout all of the United States, luckily. Our favorite detail about this particular mill isn’t even the do-it-yourself tenacious attitude but the fact that all of their reclaimed wood floorings has always been flooring. The surface you see on each of the boards is the original surface from all those years before. The sheer genius of this shows in every single board that they mill and it’s incredible. You can easily picture Rhett Butler waltzing across these rough-hewn wood floors, and you might not be just imagining it because each piece is rich in history.

Their Hardwood Flooring Products

Of their wide variety of antique woods, the highlight is certainly the reclaimed attic line. They personally reclaim these floors from the attics of older homes and re-mill them and re-purpose them to be suitable kitchen floors for the modern day. Their dark and still full of color and, of course, character. They boast an easy 200 years of use in every board and it’s noticeable. When possible, they’ll salvage the history of the house they salvaged the wood from and send it to you upon our order. Unlike most of the vendors we’ve mentioned, these guys post their prices so you can decide on thickness and width as you shop.

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