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We’ll be the first to admit that the new trend of using reclaimed wood flooring is totally enthralling. When you walk into a room that’s covered with reclaimed wood, you’re hit by the immense history and character of the building, the room, and the wood. It’s the newest and probably coolest way to accent your home and increase your quality of life while you’re there. If you have an appreciation for the reclaimed wood market and have yet to find a vendor that’ll suit your needs, we have a couple more up our sleeves, especially for those folks that enjoy exotic woods. We’ve found a vendor that can easily fit that bill.

Distributor #6: Reclaiming the Past

If you’re looking to outfit your home with more historical building elements this is the vendor for you. They supply barn siding, aged tin, as well as beams, bricks and so much more than you can easily use to complement and accent your home in a way you’d never dreamed possible before. The company’s story starts when a 13-year-old Tom Green helped his father demolish an old building. Presumably, he saw the beauty in the things people might assume are an eyesore when in reality they can be more aesthetic than some brand new woods. All of those barn wood floors and heartwood pine won’t go to waste on RTC’s watch. So feel free to browse their amazing work at any time to get a true sense of the possibilities of reclaimed building materials to form ideas about what else you can do with them.

Their Wood Flooring Products

Character is chief here at RTC. Partial to a certain color? They’ll find it for you, from rich red undertones to dark, weathered greys, they’re battered, knotty woods are all character and all charisma in the best way possible. In fact, when you’re looking at this wood, there’s very little polish to brush away the vintage look. It’s rustic and maybe a little roughed up but that’s what makes it perfect for some areas. Nothing is out of the question with them. Invest in reclaimed wood flooring as well as box beams and barn wood for your ceiling if you’d like. It’ll maintain the aged beauty faithfully, because of the careful way that RTC re-mills their materials and ensures their products.

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