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If you have been keeping up with our latest blog series, we are informing you all about the upcoming trends for hardwood flooring in 2017. If you have been considering remodeling your home in Dallas, pay attention! This blog is going to be filled with all the texture and finishing trends for the 2017 year. So, sit back and relax, and learn why you need these amazing new hardwood floor trends throughout your Dallas home.

Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

After you pick the color of your floor, it is time for the next process, the texture. In past years, the smooth and lustrous floors were all the craze. Now, the more handcrafted and rustic the look, the more trendy your home. Hand scraped hardwood floors give your Dallas home a unique and one-of-a-kind look since each plank is hand-scraped. This look can be great for natural or engineered hardwood flooring, so it fits any budget. Even though this kind of flooring has an arcadian appearance it looks beautiful with modern-style homes. This flooring is also great to stand against the elements. Because it has that worn-in look, it is great for families with pets and children. You won’t have to worry as much about your floor becoming worn because it already appears that way.

Wire Brushed Hardwood Floor

Many people think wire brushed and hand scraping are one and the same but there are differences. Wire brushed hardwood gives the floor the appearance of being aged and distressed. This style is similar to hand scraping whereas scratches can be hidden within the texture of the wood, so this style is great for families who tend to be a bit harder on their floors. Wire brushing is a  a technique that pulls the grain from the growth of the hardwood leaving the heart of the wood exposed.

Satin Finished

As we have previously stated, glossy floors are out of sight. They may have been a big trend in the last few years but now the style is starting to transform. Glossy floors showcase flaws and imperfections much easier than our new understated floors do. If you can’t get rid of the glossy look totally, a good compromise is a satin-finished floor. It is a mix between matte and glossy. This style is great because it is one that should stick around for many years and will look beautiful in any room of your home in Dallas.

Matte Finished

Matte is the new, upcoming trend this year, and we hope you are as excited as we are! These floors give a natural and urban look to any home. This finish makes your hardwood floor look as natural as possible as if you just stepped into a rustic cabin. This look is daring since it is not something we know is going to stick around for many years, but if you love it, go for it. A natural hand-scraped floor could give your home the edge it was always looking for.
These are the trends you will be seeing throughout 2017, most will make an appearance through the next few years and beyond. If you feel you home needs a new and improved look, install our amazing hardwood floors from Texas Hardwood Flooring in Dallas. Our staff are experts at understanding how important the installation process is for hardwood floors. Call us today to upgrade your home for 2017!

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