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    Forney’s Hardwood Flooring Team

    Forney, Texas bills itself as “A City Without Limits.” A bustling city on the eastern edge of the Metroplex, it is also a study in resilience. This remarkable mix of old and the new, has survived both economic downturns and tornados, and is flourishing. Today, the team at Texas Hardwood Flooring is regularly called to install floors in Forney’s homes and businesses.

    Forney, Texas: A Revitalized Community

    Once called Brooklyn, Texas, the town came to be in 1871; when the railroad came through several years later, the town move a few miles north to meet the line, and renamed itself Forney after a railroad official. At first a hard-drinking, brawling frontier settlement, by 1891 Forney had gained an opera house and two hotels, true signs of economic health and civilization. The first local wealth came from the highly coveted rot-resistant bois d’arc trees that were harvested in the area. Soon after, Forney became renowned for its nutritious and clean blackland prairie hay it shipped to cattle ranchers.

    The city really took off when cotton was introduced and by 1914 there were six cotton gins in operation along the rail line in Forney. It was then that the famous Dixie Overland Highway, the first southern coast-to-coast route, which connected Savannah, Georgia to Los Angeles, California, came through town, bringing automobile traffic and commerce. It was upgraded in the 1930’s, today, we know it as US Highway 80.

    However, the city was especially hard-hit by the Depression and nearly faded from existence. Limping along for several decades, it had a small rebirth in the 1960’s. Then the explosive growth of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex hit Forney. In the 2000 census, the city held 6,000 people, it is around 20,000 today, with 40,000 in the immediate vicinity; the city is truly booming.

    Today Forney, Texas is officially known as “The Antique Capital of Texas,” according to the Texas State Legislature, as anyone traveling along Rte. 80 can tell.

    The heart of the Forney community is the historic downtown area, with many renovated buildings and businesses and regular activities like the Farmer’s Market, the Turkey Trax Auto Show and “Christmas on Main.” In addition, the Forney Arts Council is extremely busy, hosting art shows, music programs, house concerts and other like events.

    The Forney park system is extensive and terrific, featuring basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, soccer, baseball and softball complexes, and the new Spellman Amphitheater in Forney Community Park, an outdoor venue that has “Movies in the Park” and “Music in the Park” for up to 5,000 people on a regular basis.

    Forney Local & Proud

    Forney is an excellent place to live, to work, and to play. The schools are exemplary, culture and recreation abundant, the shopping is plentiful, and the lifestyle is “kinder and gentler.” There are many development options for businesses, and the town boasts a well-educated workforce paired with competitive real estate costs. There are wonderful homes both old and new, and a great indigenous hardwood flooring installation company in Texas Hardwood Flooring, which has served the community of Forney for many years. Get your flooring installation with our team today!


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