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One of the most popular design trends is creating a rustic atmosphere within the home. One reason why this style is so popular is that it is rather easy to transform any home from one that features a modern flair to one that boasts an old world style. This can be done by adding distressed wood furniture, and implementing rustic fixtures, countertops, and sink basins. While there are several ways homeowners can achieve the rustic look, one of the best ways to do this is with the flooring in the home. Getting a professional wood floor installation from the experts at Texas Hardwood Flooring is an excellent way to bring in that sought-after rustic feel to your Plano home, but what are the flooring options to achieve this? Today, let’s look at some of the wood flooring selections that can give you the rustic look you desire.

Hand Scraped & Distressed Wood Floors

What is hand-scraped wood, you ask? While this type of wood flooring is still new flooring, it is meant to look like older style floors made by hand with distinctive markings and intentional (minor) imperfections that are meant to stand out. Also known as textured, antiqued, or distressed wood, this look is characteristic of the rustic style. There are many DIY techniques to guide you in distressing your existing wood floors to get the rustic look, but why would you risk damaging your wood floors by hammering on them or testing out glazes that may or may not give you the old world look you want? It’s simply not worth the risk. Rather, opt for hand-scraped wood floors installed by the professionals at Texas Hardwood Floors.

Hand-Scraped Solid Wood Species

Who says you have to sacrifice style for affordability? There are many affordable solid wood species that can be hand-scraped or distressed to give your home an old-world feel. Some of these woods include:

  • Hickory: This wood species has the ultimate rustic appeal when compared to other woods. Hickory wood features a white to yellow and gold to a deep brown color spectrum with darker knots sprinkled across the wood. Its hardness is similar to exotic woods and it is recognized as one of the strongest and stable woods. Hickory looks gorgeous whether stained or unstained.
  • Oak: Oak typically comes in two types of hardwood: white and red. Both of these colors work well for creating rustic flooring, yet red oak has more color variations which look amazing after being hand-scraped. This wood is slightly softer than that of hickory.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo floors are incredibly durable, eco-friendly, and when distressed, these wood floors provide a rustic, handcrafted touch to any space. Bamboo floors are durable and easy to maintain.

These are some of the most popular options for those who want to beautify and add value to their home with rustic wood flooring. If you are looking for a company who offers the best wood floor installation in Plano, choose Texas Hardwood Flooring, Plano’s Top Rated Local® hardwood flooring experts. We would love to give your home a unique look and fun character with a rustic wood floor installation. Call us today for an estimate!

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