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In “Great Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors; Part 1,” we learned about protecting your floors from scratches and sitting moisture. To sum it up, we discussed preventing scratches with furniture pads, area rugs, and trimmed nails on your pets. We also talked about preventing damage from moisture by cleaning spills up quickly and using pads under your area rugs to avoid hidden moisture damage. In pt 2 of our blog series, we’re going to continue learning about ways to keep wood floors looking like new.

Clean Smart

Choosing the right way to clean, materials to use, and frequency of cleaning can be complicated if you’ve never had hardwood floors. But no worries, that’s why we’re here! It is always going to be best to choose a microfiber cloth or pad for cleaning. That way, the electrostatic technology will attract dust, hair, microparticles, and allergens. Also, avoid cleaning with ammonia, vinegar, wax, soapy cleaner, or anything else that could leave a build-up. When in doubt, do the window test. Use your floor cleaner on a winder and if it leaves a residue, it probably isn’t great for your wood floors.

Avoid Dirt Build-Up

Let’s face it, as long as your floor is being walked on, it’s going to get dirty. However, there are some ways to keep dirt from building up too quickly. First, placemats at your entrances and encourage everyone who walks into your home to remove their shoes. This is a fairly normal practice, so you shouldn’t need to feel bad. Secondly, give your floor a quick refresh as it needs it. Don’t allow dirt to become caked on as that could lead to damage to your floors.

There’s no reason why your wood floors can’t be every bit as beautiful as the day you had them installed. Just make sure that you are taking the steps to keep them clean and well maintained. If you have questions about your hardwood floors or you’ve been considering getting wood floors installed in your home, give our experts a call and get a free quote!

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