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Sometimes, when you’ve been living somewhere for a while, it’s time for a change! Jonesy and his wife wanted to give a new look in their three thousand square foot Argyle ranch house. Part of the living room was carpeted; the rest was an engineered hardwood. They felt the carpet and hardwood had to go to create a more unified look.  

So our project manager, Brian, talked to them about possibilities. They seemed to love the idea of the look of a hand-scraped hardwood floor. This rustic style fits in well with their home’s design, and they said it felt “Texan” and “ranchy” to them. Also, they had a couple of dogs, and when they found out that any dogs’ claw marks could fit right into the scraping, they were sold!

As it was explained to them, basically there were two choices to arrive at a hand-scraped floor. On the one hand, they could have a new hardwood floor installed, and after the installation has the floor literally hand-scraped by the Texas Hardwood Flooring install crew, then stained and poly-ed. This is a wonderful process but can take a couple of weeks from start to finish.  

However, the time and effort required for a brand-new hand-scraped installation were stretching their budget at that time. More importantly, the time factor was also a consideration. They wanted new flooring by the time the family came from out of town for their upcoming reunion! So the Jones’ went with a pre-scraped flooring.

So, what is pre-scraped hardwood flooring? Just what it sounds like. As the boards are manufactured, they surface is scraped before the sealant is applied. However, in truth it is not really hand-scraped, it is machine-scraped. The effect is not as rugged and rustic as a genuine hand-scraped job, but overall the look is just as timeless looking. The natural knots and kinks in the wood are stressed, and there is a feeling of antiquity in the room with this kind of flooring installation. It definitely fits in with the landscape surrounding their semi-rural Argyle, Texas house.  

So the carpet was stripped, and the somewhat inexpensive engineered hardwood that had been installed at the construction of the house was pulled. The Texas Hardwood Flooring team made sure the old flooring was properly disposed of (and/or recycled) and then the crew was able to nail down the new hardwood floor in a matter of three days.  

Jonesy and his wife chose an elegant ¾” x 4” hickory, which featured a striking bourbon-colored stain finish.  When the crew had staggered this product and cleaned up, this Argyle couple was delighted!  They said they are looking forward to working with Texas Hardwood Flooring again in other parts of the house soon.

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