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Welcome back to the Texas Hardwood Flooring blog. If you’re hungry for more developing trends, be on the lookout for the continuation of this series where we’ll keep you up to date on all of the hardwood flooring trends that are taking the world by storm. In our previous entry, we discussed the current emphasis put on texture and the neutral flooring palette reigning once again. In this entry, we’ll continue to dive into the various ways you can personalize trends that have made the 21st century so unique.

Soothing Ocean Themes

The lighter colored wood flooring trend is currently being emphasized with careful execution of beachy, nearly whimsical ocean themes. Because influences from the ocean are so easy to change up and keep consistent, the versatility renders it an attractive color scheme. You can see the trend live through the various cold hued light colored wood floorings. The idea is to bring the nearly rustic distressed feeling of driftwood or sand to play inside. This brighter, fluid color relationship allows you to keep the liveliness of the ocean close at hand while still being able to seamlessly incorporate other styles without throwing everything off. From retro to Mediterranean decor, everything is complemented by the presence of the beach.

Made in the USA

While your local handbag maker and farm have been cashing in on the term “local” in their title for years, that trend is finally swinging around to the hardwood flooring installation industry.  People are leaning more and more toward woods that are grown on U.S. soil. The easiest one of these to access in multiple colors is still oak, but you’ll find some maple that is really stunning. Pine and hickory are obviously options but they’re in the softer wood categories and won’t hold up as well to general wear and tear so if you’re hoping for something timeless your best bet is oak.

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If you’re hoping to install a versatile wood floor that can ebb and flow with the styles as they come, contact Texas Hardwood Flooring. We offer a variety of options that were manufactured and grown in the U.S.A. Our business has served the Little Elm area for years and we’re so excited to add you to our list of super satisfied customers. With a variety of versatile woods, you can tap into whatever coloring and texture fit your personality the best and realize the idealistic dream of 21st-century decor: creating your own aesthetic. Get your next hardwood flooring installation project started today.

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