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To be completely honest, the hottest trend is always timelessness. It’s the reason that columns and art deco have withstood the test of time: they’re all personality and completely immune to the ravages of time. The 21st century has marked itself as an era that enjoys timeless appeal and encourages it at every turn. There’s a difference between repeating a style and realizing that it’s qualities already fit your personality best. Applying this principle to your decor can be as easy as investing in a flooring trend that fits you more than the current day trends.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring

The different sizes of planks used in your hardwood flooring produces a certain feeling. When you think of the width and length of a plank by itself and visualize long skinny, blonde colored planks, you’ll probably picture it as an art deco dance floor. If you think of wide, dark planks you probably picture New York high rise offices with streaming glass dividers from floor to ceiling. Utilizing the length and width of a plank to convey the style of decor is a great way to tap into your personality and aesthetic without limiting yourself for future stylistic choices. The idea of the wider plank on a color theory basis is that you’ll be able to have more varied hues without interrupting the fluidity of the color throughout the floor, thus allowing for the natural grain and color of the wood to shine through more easily. The wide planks are supposed to be a nod to a more vintage or rustic look.

The Personality of Hardwood Flooring

The next trend that has picked up pace is keeping the imperfections, or personality, in the wood. The knots, natural low gloss and mineral streaks that add charm and differentiate the wood, are highly coveted today. This distinctive character easily adds to any space and takes it from being just a room in a house to being a part of your home.

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Texas Hardwood Flooring has provided high-quality wood flooring installation to Little Elm and the surrounding areas for years. We offer hardwood flooring installation with both natural wood planking and engineered wood flooring as well as refinishing and hand-scraping services that can give your flooring even more character. We believe in the trends from this series the promote individuality as well as the harmony with nature that hardwood flooring adds to any home. Our flooring is not only a breath of fresh air for any room, it’s an heirloom gift that will last the life of the house. Contact us to turn your home into an extension of you and your families personality and style.

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