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Perhaps the most exciting thing about the 21st century is the emphasis on individuality. While there are still trends that come and go with the seasons, decor and general style has started to lean more toward expressing your personality and joys in the most aesthetic way as possible. Your design options are always expanding and improving, meaning that when you settle on something as permanent as flooring, it should be something versatile that will be able to ebb and flow with the times, but most importantly it should fit you.

Subtle Wood Flooring Palettes

Where once exotic hardwood like Cherry and Brazilian reigned supreme, the recent trend leans more toward light and dark color palettes. This is due partially because most of those red-hued woods are exotic and the colors are hard to match with other accessories. People are choosing a more versatile flooring color in order to allow themselves to get more creative with the furniture they use in the room. Light colors provide a clean concise sort of look and they provide the added benefit of hiding abrasions and dirt. Recently, blonde and whitewashed woods have been mixed with grey tones to add dimension and character to a space without detracting from the overall versatility. Darker woods can also be subdued and not quite as bold by mixing in some greys with similar undertones. As long as you keep the walls lighter, you’ll have no issues with the colors clashing but you’ll have stand out colors.

Textured Hardwood Flooring

Color is always the key component of any stylistic choice, but flooring has seen a rise in the attention paid to the texture and feeling of the wood. The idea is that texture can easily add an interesting point for the eye to travel across, giving the room tactility and encourages interest in the flooring. In some senses, it’ll serve you best when you choose a wood flooring with naturally accentuated grain. Showing off the natural wood flooring via the grain and texture remains the classiest way that you can improve the overall elegance of the space. The artisan quality of the grain can be manipulated to put emphasis on rustic elements in the home and help to balance the ultra-modern feeling that often encompasses modern homes that are dripping in flat screen TVs and home monitoring systems.

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