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The beauty of wood flooring is that there are so many varieties of flooring, there is sure to be a specific type that’s perfect for anyone. However, before we arrive for an installation, we’ll go over options with our customers. One of those options is the choice between hardwood flooring or engineered wood. But what’s the difference between the two?

Solid hardwood flooring remains an incredibly popular choice. The pieces are milled from one larger piece of hardwood, then they’re treated with a protective coating. On average, they’re usually three-quarters of an inch thick. With this increased thickness, floorboards can be treated and sanded numerous times, which ensures a long lifespan. It’s installed by being nailed to the subfloor, or by being bonded. A small gap is usually left between the floor and the walls to allow for growth or shrinkage of the wood depending on humidity. Available in numerous types of wood and styles, hardwood flooring is seen as an asset to the value of a house.

Engineered wood is made from multiple layers of wood. There can be anywhere from 3-15 individual layers, and pieces have a thickness of between 13-22 millimeters. The layers adhere together with intense pressure and cold glue. Top layers are made from hardwood, while the remaining layers are made up of plywood. Engineered flooring tends to be popular for those on a budget, and it’s a choice that’s also environmentally responsible. It’s simple to install, but we recommend checking the details of the engineered flooring. If the lower layers are poorly made, the flooring can warp, and the stability can be compromised.

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